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Postmen (NL)

Postmen is the most successful Dutch hiphop act of all

time. From 1998 to 2003 they amazed many crowds all

throughout Europe with their infectious mixture of

reggae and hiphop and won many Dutch music awards.

Frontman the Anonymous Mis/Postman is Postmen’s

driving force. Together with singer/mc Shyrock (Michael

Parkinson) and drummer/dj G-Boah (Gus Bear) he is

Postmen’s core. In the studio and on stage several

excellent live musicians add their flavor to Postmen. 

Debut album Documents hits hard in 1998 and the band scores hits with Cocktail, U Wait, Renaissance and Crisis. Holland clearly has a new star formation. Documents is the first Dutch hiphop album to achieve gold status (50.000 albums sold) and is still shifting units in 2012. After the albums Revival (2001) and Era (2003) the three core Postmen members decide to go their separate ways. Remon is now simply known as Postman and releases Green in 2006, which contains the big hit Downhill (ft. Anouk), followed by the albums Postman in 2009 and Apples & Oranges in 2011 featuring singer Alyssa Stotijn. Meanwhile Shyrock works on several projects, among which the reggae album Genesis under the name Maikal X in 2010. 

In March 2012 Postman and Maikal X decide to join forces again under the name Postmen, this time joined by singer Alyssa Stotijn.

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